Lemon Balm Herb


Lemon Balm Herb

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Lemon-scented perennial herb attracts pollinators.
Immersing yourself in the healing aroma of Lemon Balm connects you to the goddesses of ancient Greece. The Melissas, a word that meant bees but came to refer to priestesses, grew this sacred plant around the Temple of Artemis in order to attract and care for honey bees and to honor the Greek goddess. The magical and medicinal properties of this aromatic plant are many, including reducing stress and boosting mental acuity. And still today it is planted near hives to benefit honey bees.

Not only is this herb a fantastic pollinator attracter, but the aroma that emanates from the patch is overwhelmingly lemony and smooth, seemingly more lemony than an actual lemon! Lemon balm has been clinically proven to reduce oxidative stress levels in the body as well as to boost the speed of mental performance. While your results may vary, there is no disputing that it makes a lovely tea; its leaves dry easily and quickly in any protected spo

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