Moss Curled Parsley Herb


Moss Curled Parsley Herb

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Delightful sparkly texture with a rich parsley tang.
Looking closely, slowly, and quietly in this hyper-connected age, the skill of meditative observation is a lost art. But, ironically, it is a practice that can lead us into deeper connection with the world. A study of this parsley reveals it to be exceptionally curly, with fold upon fold of dense foliage that makes for deliciously textured eating. Let it connect you to memories of your favorite tabouleh, to rich vegetable stew, even to buffets adorned with parsley garnish. Every garden is a window; take the time to look.

Parsley is an essential kitchen herb. This uber-curly variety should be more than a garnish. It packs intense flavor within all those curls. Its upright leaves stay off the ground, making it easier and cleaner to pick.

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