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What are you supposed to do when a global pandemic hits and your livelihood depends on your microgreen farm? Vitality Farms Company had the opportunity to go through a transition of that very nature. What we did was alot of pivoting thinking about what the customers wanted, and the main answer they want to be capable of they own sustainability, and they want products that can be a little more shelf stable, but not any less nutritious. We already had grow kits so what we did was bundle up a kit and make it like a subscription service where they could get a months worth of vegetable and grow them personally. You”ll always know what’s in your food if you are the one growing it. Making them shelf stable that seemed harder until I remembered the raw food diet. Based on their evidence and studies I was able to make additional revenue off your microgreens farm. In several states no additional licenses are needed. This PDF Guide will stimulate you mind on some products that you could choose to develop into additional revenue streams .


We aren’t the first ones to dehydrate microgreens but we may just be the 

first to put it in a PDF made by a farmer for farmers. We actually have found what laws apply to what state. We are able to provide you with the most extensive files. Not only do we talk laws, taxes, we also provide social media. The goal make it so easy you can start selling dehydrated micros but next week. 


Want to learn how to turn unsold micros into something that is even more profitable than the crop

This PDF is perfect for any microgreen farmer because we are busy with so many elements of our farms. Once I realized how much value and profit this could add for the local farmer. It was too good not to share, but I am a busy farmer so I didn’t have time to answer people questions about my product. So one day I was posting a pic of my dehydrated microgreens, and salts, which had just sold out again. When I realized that I needed to find a way to get this information into as many farmers hands as possible. So I decided I would have someone help me create all this content and I would charge something for the PDF to recoup the money I would need to pay others for their contributions. With this PDF you also get this video which you can swap your company logo for mine and bam some of your social media is done.  

25+ Recipes

We have grown and combined the most common microgreens into salts, sugars, and some spices. We had an executive chef design, craft, invent about 15 recipes that are only available here. The combination will change the way you think of seasonings. 

Microgreen Powder

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We even have over 30 different graphics, pictures, and videos so you don’t need to try and find time to market anything. We have done it for you. 

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Our companies mission is to change the way the world eats vegetables. I have an MBA in business and have spent 25 years evaluating companies for their action or failure to action. I have been selling out of these for a long time. I can’t keep up with demand and honestly I would rather enjoy my time with my family than make a million seasonings.

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