A word for 2021

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A word for 2021

Why would you want to start the year with a resolution you don’t even believe yourself that you’ll be success with it. This year, don’t join a gym. Don’t decide to cut down on your expenses. Don’t declare that you are going to eat your vegetables(ummm you really should do that one 🙂 Don’t make a long list of promises that will depress you in February. Instead, start the year by finding your word which will lead your through 2021.

We’ve all been there. That’s why, instead of setting ourselves up for failure, it’s so much more helpful to use  word of the year for inspiration, strength vision. Lots of people have begun ditched their resolutions in favor of a single word. It’s a simple process that takes a little introspection, and a decision to give it a shot. A simple word can do what resolutions can’t. It can influence each area you’d like to make changes in without raising the bar impossibly high.

My word for 2021 is  GROW

But choosing a guiding word isn’t as easy as it sounds. After all, it should be inspiring, guiding, helpful, and challenging. There was an exercise I did with Rachel Hollis the first time I found a word and it was awesome 

Imagine the best version of yourself in 10 years. Let your imagination roam freely, and picture what kind of person you are, what you might wear, where you might live, what you do, and how you feel. Write it down. Next, write down the 10 dreams that would need to come true in order for you to be that person that you just imagined. If the best version of yourself in 10 years can buy a new car without taking out a loan, then one of your dreams might be to have a certain amount of money in your bank account at all times. Then as you think about how you would act as your best version you can start immediately to become that person. 

here are some of the ways I will grow this  year

Grow with my Family: My teen is going to go to college and he is making adult choices and for an overbearing mom like me it’s a lot so I have been letting him grow and by doing that I am finally seeing him.  My husband and I have had an action-packed marriage and I am enjoying work with him on our business and growing our communication in a positive way. 

Grow My Income: When I was laid off from the last corporate job I was being paid over 100,000k a year. Now that I sell tiny vegetables for a few dollars I had to adjust my mindset. However, I know that I’ll be well beyond that previous income very soon, as I continue to work on more passive income streams. 

Grow Life: Since my job is to literally sell the most nutrient-dense vegetables on the market, how can you not feel so positive when you take a tiny seed and grow it into something that is majestic. If you want to grow some click here and If you want a planter kit click here.

Grow Myself: Not something new, this is something I strive to do every single year. I continue to want to expand my mind and my heart every single year.

So if you see me out and about and want to share your word, I’d love to hear it? 

In addition to setting up your word for 2021 make sure and give the business some goals that you can track or you’ll never recognize your success. 

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