Looking to improve your microgreens business?

Have an idea but not sure how original it is?



Learn best through a personal 1v1 consultation.

Meetings are offered via phone, zoom, or google meet

I talk fast especially when I have knowledge to share but don’t worry I send notes and a copy of video recording.

 My goal is to launch you and your business as much as possible during our consultation minutes, so be sure to have questions ready!

Are we Wise?

Um you get to answer that silently in your own mind LOL. Vitality Farms Company is determined to change the way the world eats vegetables! We believe that children should have an ample supply of nutrients at their fingertips. Our promise is that with our products and knowledge we will serve the youth and help them learn how to eat vegetables that are locally grown. Our promise articulates how we deliver on our mission and reflects the value of the proposition we offer customers. Our values reflect the spirit with which we work to fulfill our promise. We value hard work, tenacity, and the ability to just get it done! We offer knowledge about things we have learned on this entrepeneaur development, we try to provide skills, and tangibles that can launch  start-ups into scaleable endeveours. 


Are your crops food safe? Do you have a Farm Safety plan?


Can you determine your cost $/lb, and what you need to be charging. 

Starting out?

Starting a microgreens business can seem like an easy task but in order to be successful, you need a plan. Microgreen businesses are known to have a low barrier to entry, so you need something to spark.  

I have spent 8 years evaluating companies, concepts, make it or break it products. I have seen and heard of many options. So before you bet the house on an idea it might be fruitful to talk to someone who can let you know about the strength or weakness of your concepts.

(No worries whatever is discussed will stay here,  Confidentiality clause standard.)  

During this call, I can answer any question about starting a business in the microgreens world, from  lights, watering, seeds, soils, harvesting, value added products, product testing, legal requirements,  etc….

There are many ways to provide revenue for your farm, want to talk through some that you can try for free or minimal cost. 

Applying for grants, or wish you could apply for a grant but don’t know where to start.

Product ideas? Do you have a great value added product, well those can require a different set of standards. 

Just feeling like your business has peaked and your not sure what to do.

Looking to sell or buy someone business but want to talk through a valuation. Set up an appointment to talk today.