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What are Microgreens?

Microgreens are very young plants that are both delicate and flavorful. Often confused with sprouts, micro greens are just the tops of freshly-grown vegetables, harvested a few weeks after they’ve sprouted. They’re younger than baby greens, but more mature than sprouts. Because we are growers and do not process our greens we are able to deliver the freshest, still on the root veggies.

Full Flat

Four 5×5 blocks of micogreens each week

Half Flat

Four 5×5 blocks of micogreens each month

Living Blocks

Single 5×5 packs for your window sill.

Local, non-GMO, Pesticide free microgreens

We believe having a healthy, flavorful lifestyle shouldn’t be hard. So we provide local, non-GMO, pesticide free microgreens delivered twice a month to your door.

Your local farmers

James is a serial entrepreneur, and Lisa having a MBA decided to take the leap together and start a micro green business because they desired to get there health on track and decided to share there healthy options with the masses.

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