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What are Microgreens?

Microgreens are edible plants that grow well indoors in small spaces. Ready for harvest at about two-inches tall, they must be used promptly. Commonly called “vegetable confetti,” microgreens can have many different colors, flavors or textures, depending on which crops are used. These small greens add intense visual interest and surprisingly powerful flavors to meat and vegetable dishes, and can be served as a salad or a new salad ingredient.

Microgreens are different from sprouts because they are older when harvested and are harvested at the soil line instead of whole. Because microgreens are harvested young and must be used shortly after harvest, they take little time and space to grow and store.


We work hard to provide microgreens to our customers in any way they would appreciate it. We typically harvest all the greens but if you would like living greens please let us know we can easily accommodate that request.

We offer a weekly, 2x a month, 1x a month subscription service where we deliver them to you door. 

You can order anything by calling us or sending an email, microgreens are grown to order (so we will give you the date you can pick up/ we offer delivery)

We offer blends which is our special way of making something delicious for your family, they are best applied after food is cooked.

We offer powdered microgreens, which is a concentrated way to get you greens, this is usually a jar/bag but we do offer capsules.

We sell GIY Kits (Grow it yourself kits) our kits come with everything you need to grow in addition you get us as your pocket farmers able to help you as you grow.

We do off Grower resources in the form of PDFs as we soon realized we would not be able to handle the volume of growing for the entire planet, so we did the next best thing we offered our knowledge to those of similar mindsets.

We know its alot of options and somewhat overwhelming the circles under our eyes say its true but we love the responsibility of growing food for our customers. Please contact us if you have any questions or need something special.

Full/ Half Flat

Four containers of freshly harvested microgreens delivered once or twice a month, for your immediate consumption.

seeds Refill PaKs

Pick and choose your favorite micros to grow. Select your container size and be ready to grow. Set up a subscription and you’ll never be without.

Living Blocks

Single 5×5 packs of micros for your window sill. These  fresh micros will overpower your body with a burst of nutrient and flavor. Blocks are grown to order ONLY so please contact us, so we can get it growing.

Local, non-GMO, Pesticide free microgreens

Vitality Farms Company is determined to change the way the world eats vegetables! We believe that children should have an ample supply of nutrients at their fingertips. Our promise is that with our products and knowledge we will serve the youth and help them learn how to eat vegetables that are locally grown. Our promise articulates how we deliver on our mission and reflects the value of the proposition we offer customers. Our values reflect the spirit with which we work to fulfill our promise. We value hard work, tenacity, and the ability to just get it done! We offer knowledge about things we have learned on this entrepreneur development, we try to provide skills, and tangibles that can launch start-ups into scaleable endeavors.

Your local farmers

Lisa and James are the core of Vitality Farms!

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