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Lisa spent her childhood summers on Genese lake, which is a 98 square mile lake in southern Wisconsin.The fun family times spent on lake Genese are very significant to Lisa and they contributed to her entrepreneurial origins and a desire for more. Her grandparents got several acres of this lovely property from their parents who bought it from Colonel Gustave Pabst himself, talk about an entrepreneur. Gustave Pabst is the eldest son of Milwaukee’s first founding brewer, Captain Frederick Pabst  If you are in any way familiar with Wisconsin’s history you know it has a lot to do with great beer, but did you know that Cornel Pabst is actually more well known for a sauce, than for any beer recipe! Well, maybe the truth is somewhere in the middle of a malt amber-lager that is the base of a well loved Worcestershire sauce. The recipe sat for many years and it wasn’t until his great, great, granddaughter took the recipe and developed a hugely successful Worcestershire sauce, Col.Pabst Worcestershire sauce.


So, what does that have to do with a couple of Floridian micro-green farmers?? Nothing directly well, not much, but it may help you to understand that the mindset of James and Lisa, is much like that of many other entrepreneurs of the past and present. Lisa and James’s family trees are littered with a majority entrepreneurs. Heavily influenced by many of the great entrepreneurs, James and Lisa created the Vitality Farms Company as way to provide, and to give back to the community. Micros have been around since the 80s and, gained in great popularity in the 90s. James being a serial entrepreneur, having his hands mixed in many different grassroots companies, teamed up with Lisa, who has an MBA (they were married 2014) to build the Vitality Farms Company which is a micro-green nursery and seed distribution business. They decided to take that great leap into a micro-greens business together, because they are not afraid to take great leaps in to the unknown, on their second date they went skydiving. Leaving careers and starting Vitality Farms Company micro-green business, is a scary but worthwhile decision because in doing so, they improved their family’s overall health, allowing them to share healthy  nutritional, super foods with the masses. They are always working hard, to not just grow micro-greens, but to find the that special sauce as well. 


We are a modern urban farm located in the heart of Lakeland. We provide fresh microgreens to businesses and direct to consumers. We also have a complete selection of delicious and easy to use grow, GIY grow kits. Lakealander’s you now have a personal farm at your fingertips.


James & Lisa Welsh

James and Lisa have been married since 2014. They were both born and raised in Wisconsin and James is an avid Packers fan. James is a serial entrepreneur, and Lisa having an MBA decided to take the leap together (something they always do together because their second date was skydiving) and start a microgreen business because they desired to get their health on track and found decided to share their healthy options with the masses.

Lisa is the current director for the IMGA (International Microgreen Growers Association Florida Chapter) Her goal is to come along and assist the new grower she encounters. Please understand that can be an overwhelming task at times and you can schedule time directly with Lisa

Our mission: to provide vegetable confetti to the everyday consumer and change the way people think about eating their veggies.

Sybastian Brennan

Sybastian Brennan is the runner in the family and while training for track and cross country, he always goes on a healthy eating journey. Sybastian was the driving influence in developing the farm and how we could provide the most nutrient-dense vegetables. Sybastian is finishing his last year of high school and is looking forward to a possible career in engineering. He currently runs every form of social media for the farm.

Full/Half Flat


Full Flat (four 5″x5″ blocks) of microgreens delivered 2x a month. 1st & 15th

Half flat (four 5″x5″ blocks) of microgreens delivered once a month. 1st or 15th




per month

Monthly Seed


1 (1010 tray, with four 5×5 blocks) 10 packets  seeds, and soil or felt for growing medium, 1 month planting.

Seed packets will  be mailed or delivered based on location





per month



Living Blocks


A portion of microgreens, amount varies significantly based on crop.

We will deliver free of charge orders over $25.00 within 15 miles of our farm. Contact us to be put on our schedule. 


per block

Our Microgreen Living Trays

Our living trays are filled with various organic growing mediums bursting with vibrant microgreens. Living trays allow you to cut the greens right before you prepare them. This essentially allows you to eat living plants, full of life-giving nutrition. Green plants have long been known to provide the highest amount micronutrients – vitamins, minerals, and many other phytochemicals per calorie. As a plant is cut and stored, vital micronutrients are lost with each passing hour and each passing day. Most greens that you purchase in the market are a minimum of 3-5 days old. Then you store them for a few more days in your refrigerator. Living trays allow you to take advantage of the full benefits of these greens, without loss of nutrition. It’s feeding your body vital nutrients and vitality our bodies were designed to have. Our greens get lots of light during the day and needed darkness at night. Just like humans need to rest, so do microgreens. It’s essential they also receive dark hours at night to metabolize and convert those carbohydrates into plant tissue. They deepen their roots, thicken their stems, and broaden their leaves. In other words, plants work hard by day, and grow strong by night.

Tips on taking care of your Live microgreens:

Your microgreens will easily live for 1-2 weeks if cared for properly. Here’s some tips to help!


Place on a sunny windowsill or on a kitchen counter that has medium to bright indoor lighting.


Make sure the plants have darkness at night.


Water lightly, from the bottom, each day to keep the growing medium moderately moist.


Cut and use as you need.

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Tips on taking care of  Harvested microgreens:

Your harvested microgreens will easily live for 1-2 weeks if cared for properly. Here’s some tips to help!


When storing microgreens in the fridge, do not use a sealed bag, instead leave container open to encourage airflow.


Lay a piece of wet paper towel on the container and cover another one on top of the microgreens.


If your fridge maintains at a temperature of ~4°C (or 40°F). Do not put them in the freezer. They can live up to 21 days. 




There are three different subscription options for each microgreen type. Browse for the perfect subscription for you!