How to Dehydrate Microgreens

It’s a Saturday morning in Lakeland, FL and you decide to head to the farmer’s market downtown. At the farmer’s market, you happened to meet us and purchase some microgreens. Now what?

If you want to make your microgreens go the distance, we suggest dehydrating them and making them into microgreen salts. In our previous post, we talked about what microgreen salts were and how to make them. In our PDF we share with you some insight into teaching how to dehydrate microgreens by using microgreen salts.

Along with learning how to dehydrate, we’ll also provide you with some delicious, unique recipes you can try as well as tips on how to market to your microgreen consumers.

Using microgreen salts is a great way to get long-term use out of a ton of microgreens. Plus you can mix together several different kinds of microgreens to create salts. One bottle of dehydrated micros in about 4 of 5×5 squares we sell at the farmer’s market.

Interested in trying out dehydrated micros of your own? Then be sure to download our PDF or come see us at the farmer’s market in Lakeland every Saturday morning!