Immunity Boosting Microgreens

If there was ever a year where having a strong immune system was important, it would be 2020. With America still fighting COVID-19 and flu season fast approaching it seems as if getting sick could be on the agenda for anyone.

We have an easy (and tasty) solution to boosting your immunities and therefore helping with battling COVID and the flu: our microgreens!

Microgreens such as amaranth, arugula, basil, beet, cauliflower, cress, dill, kale, lettuce, pea, salad, sunflower, and wheatgrass can act as super security guards to your immune system. The good news? We sell all the microgreens we just listed for you to enjoy!

So how does it work?

Microgreens contain high levels of vitamins and antioxidants. The antioxidants contain important nutrients that will add protection to your immune system. Consuming microgreens and the phytochemicals within them will protect your cells and in turn help you fight off illnesses and viruses.

So not only do microgreens make for a beautiful garnish and a tasty addition to any meal you’re preparing – they can help keep you healthy too!

Our Subscriptions

Is your health something that’s really important to you? If you choose to subscribe for monthly microgreens (which you totally should) you can indicate when you purchase a subscription that you want to focus on your immunities.

From there we can curate for you microgreen selections that will help specifically with boosting your immunities.

Feel like a “super human” and get started on your own immunity focused microgreen subscription today! And if you have any further questions about microgreens for your health you can contact us or come see us at the Downtown Lakeland Farmers Market every Saturday! See you soon!