Microgreen Health Benefits

Microgreens are an amazing way to get nutrients for fighting diseases, ailments, and better overall health. Microgreen health benefits range very far. It is a known fact that we need greens every day. Microgreens are a leveraged way to get the nutrients from those greens but the literature on microgreens is limited. This will be part of an ongoing study on the science behind microgreens as an exciting new food for the 21st century.

Undernourishment is detrimental

In the United States, chronic diseases are a major health problem. Accumulated data suggest that consumption of vegetables can significantly reduce the risk of many chronic diseases. Dietary guidelines for 2015-2020 from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommend 1-4 cups of vegetables per day for males and 1-3 cups of vegetables per day for females, depending on their age. However, the average intake of vegetables is below the recommended levels.

Do you make sure you get vegetables every day right now? Most people don’t. Ailments, cancer, and diseases are so common and we often don’t take our health seriously until we have a reason. According to a study by The University of Maryland, microgreens contain 40 times more nutrients than their adult counterparts. They can make it much easier to get these needed nutrients.

What are microgreens?

You can think of them as young vegetables. Although they are small, microgreens have delicate textures, distinctive flavors, and various nutrients. In general, microgreens contain greater amounts of nutrients and health-promoting micronutrients than their mature counterparts. Because microgreens are rich in nutrients, smaller amounts may provide similar nutritional effects compared to larger quantities of mature vegetables.

Our Mission

We as a business are very committed to helping anyone who is sick or suffering from an ailment and can’t eat all those vegetables to reach out so we can get them microgreens and therefore hopefully provide them with a need nothing else can fill. I had a friend get diagnosed and die of cancer within 4 months and I always remember how she would say she couldn’t eat but that she needed to at least try and eat something with nutrients.

In our ongoing study, we will cover various aspects of how to consume and grow microgreens. Stick with us and you will learn to change the way you eat veggies.