Microgreen Salts

Dried Microgreens are nutritious, flavorful, and shelf-stable providing an easy way to add greens into your diet. Sometimes experiences in life require us to have more shelf-stable options. Microgreens are already incredibly simple for adding nutritious style to your meal, but microgreen salt might be even easier. We are going to cover what microgreen salt is, how we make it, and how you can use it.

What is microgreen salt?

Microgreen salts are microgreens that have been dehydrated and mixed with salt. They are an option to use microgreens in a slightly different way that results in having a longer shelf life. Microgreen salts are used by restaurants, athletes, juice bars, health conscious consumers, and Farm-to-table events.

How are microgreen salts made?

How can you take a microgreen and turn it into something that is shelf-stable? We take 10-day old vegetables and we raw dehydrate and add Maldon salt. Maldon salt is a widely available brand of flaky sea salt that comes from the south coast of England. It has very large, coarse flakes and is acclaimed by chefs for adding crunch and adapting to the flavor of whatever it garnishes. It gets blended with the microgreen of choice and in some cases several flavors of greens.

The microgreens in the salt

Microgreens are simply 10 days old, regular vegetables. At this stage, they contain large amounts of stored nutrients, designed to help the plant get to a point where it starts making more by putting down big roots and developing leaves. Who wants to eat a huge head of broccoli when a small handful of micros will be more than sufficient. Microgreens are known to contain up to 40 times the nutritional benefits of their adult counterpart. So we decided to gently dry them removing 93% of the non-nutritive moisture content.

How can I use them?

We have over 22 available flavors of microgreen salts. You can mix and match to create your perfect blend. We even have some customers who are battling an ailment request a blend of micros known to help that ailment! Aside from having a longer shelf life, you can use them in any way you would use normal microgreens. See our microgreen salts product to learn more or to try it yourself!