Microgreen Studies

Microgreens can help you lose weight. Do you know how many diets there are out there right now? Do you know of any of them that tell you not to eat greens? Me either. We attempt new diets to better our bodily shape, but you should also keep health in mind. What good is a better body without better health? Make greens an essential part of your diet.

Why Microgreens are better

Referencing our last post, Microgreen Health Benefits. According to a study by The University of Maryland, microgreens contain 40 times more nutrients than their adult counterparts. If you need greens in a functioning and sustainable diet, why not consume some of the most nutritious ones!?

Who else is saying this?

The other day I watched Fed Up. Fed Up is a documentary made in 2014 which is about how the American food industry may be responsible for most illnesses. In the documentary, Gary Taubes, the author of Why We Get Fat, explains how most people blame will power instead of the food industry for our obesity crisis. What should really be in question is why food companies have dictated what we think is healthy.
I recommend everyone watch the documentary. It is not pleasant to be told most of what you are eating is potentially carcinogenic, but it is worth finding a better way to live.

One of many studies

According to the results of an Agricultural Research Service led study, “Mice on high-fat diets containing either red cabbage type had lower blood cholesterol levels and less liver inflammation than mice on high-fat diets without the vegetable.” An issue here is people commonly think of fat as in a high-fat diet and fat as in fat on your body as the same thing. They are not. One is 3500 calories a pound stored because your body has no other use for it. While the other version of fat is a macronutrient that we often read with fear off of nutrition facts labels.
An interesting pattern arising with plant studies is that cholesterol and fat as well as other things we have long thought dangerous are actually good when the source is vegetables.

Microgreens can be an awesome way to inject massive amounts of vegetable nutrients into your diet. Check out our recipes for fresh ideas on how to put veggies in your diet to work!