Microgreens understanding the science

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Microgreens understanding the science

We got the pleasure of speaking with Gina Misra research scientist and science communicator at the non-profit Blue Marble Space. She is also a part-time microgreen grower, and she also did her thesis and dissertation on micros. I read her article and had to talk to her. Not only is her job to literally help break down complicated science to a level that is easier for the layman to understand. She has the knowledge and ability and the willingness to help our community of growers with the science, the research, and translation of that to our customers. She has added a site when you can book time with her and she will absolutely help you get that science or be able to cohesively explain why the answer isn’t that simple. We asked her question in the podcast from my Florida microgreen farmers group as well as my dehydrated microgreens salt group. You need to hear this episode.

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