Microgreens are tiny edible green vegetables and herbs that grow by absorbing nutrients directly from the seeds in the presence of light. These greens are a powerpack of nutritious, vitamins and flavors. Microgreens, offer the best nutrition and the best flavor one could hope for. The trouble is how do you choose, we sure can't that is why we have so many to offer. We grow microgreens to order for our local farmers' market, our subscribers, local chefs, to teach others how to grow, etc.

Managing that many microgreens can be difficult so what we have done is created a list of microgreens that we are growing that are readily available based on customers' preference over the last 6 months. If you desire a green not on this list then send us an email and we will get it added into rotation for you if possible. Most varieties of microgreens we produce require 1-2 weeks of growing time. Few of them require up to 4-6 weeks. After the leaves are fully expanded the Microgreens are ready to be delivered to restaurants or to people and families in our community.

Our production takes place in a controlled ecosystem, and we can grow both hydroponically and with soil.  Based, on our experience and expertise in sustainability and by following sustainable development principles our nursery produces amazing microgreens and herbs. Our microgreens are seeded and grown in soil and/or a growing medium of organic origin. We grow microgreens under LED lighting tubes imitating natural sunlight, in a controlled system with low humidity, pre-established temperature range, controlled air, and water flow, and water quality.

Many people think microgreens are primarily used as a fresh flavor ingredient in upscale restaurants, especially restaurants with a strong emphasis on both the creative presentation and flavor of their dishes. While that is partially true we aim to make microgreens available to people and families in our community in a convenient and affordable way. Let us grow something for you!



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