Why you should grow microgreens at home?

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Why you should grow microgreens at home?

Why you should grow microgreens at home? You would want to grow microgreens since they are easy to grow in a limited space. They are very compact usually taking up a space of fewer than 5 inches. They also have a quick turnaround, averaging amazing crops in under 10 days. Since the turnaround time is so fast that even if a crop is unsuccessful, there are a little time and resources that are lost, and starting over is straightforward.

How are microgreens used at home?

It is important to think of microgreens as small plants that can be grown inside your home that are packed with nutrition. In the culinary arts, they are sometimes added on top of a meal as a garnish. Vitality Farms Company sells a vast variety of microgreens that you can have an abundance of at home. Growing microgreens can be done in a small planter and left on a windowsill to grow and to be used as a decoration. You can eat the microgreens fresh from your planter in the comfort of your home. There are ways to display the microgreens in your home. They can be grown at home for a cost-effective price. The materials you will need are minimal but all very necessary in being successful. Since they are minute in size, you can place them on almost any windowsill. These superfoods are the fastest to be ready for harvest and they require less sunlight. Growing them in your window is easy and they bring color to your home. If you are concerned about the messy soil, you should know that not all microgreens need soil; you can simply use water in the growing process. This means no mess!

In your home, you can have easy access to the nutrition you need. They can be used in salad or just as a garnish. You do not need to be a culinary chef to master the usage of microgreens.

What are microgreens?

Microgreens are a tiny form of edible greens produced from the seeds of vegetables, herbs, or other plants. They are not the same as sprouts. Microgreens have much stronger, more developed flavors than sprouts. They contain their dense nutritional value but are topped off with an extra boost of life-sustaining chlorophyll. Microgreens deliver nutrients that are important for eyes, skin, bones, healthy digestion, reducing inflammation well even fighting off cancer. Having access to these in your home is extremely beneficial. You can have access to microgreens at any time while also providing an aesthetically pleasing visual experience for anyone who sees the microgreens in your home.

Why you should grow microgreens at home? What should I grow?

Broccoli is a microgreen that is considered to be easier to grow, so it would be best to start out with growing this microgreen in your home. This nutrition-packed microgreen has a mild delicate spinach flavor. Vitality Farms Company recommends a GIY grow kit for your in-home experience. Visually appealing teacup microgreen grow kits are perfect if you are wanting to use soil. They have about 15 different planter options truly something for everyone.  These grow kits mainly require water in the light. Sunlight is preferred, making this perfect for a windowsill, but you may also use artificial lighting. It is also easy to replace the microgreens after they are fully consumed. You can have the convenience of having them fresh in the access of your own home, rather than needing to go out and purchase them yourself. If you are considering growing these in your home, you can also try a various amount of greens already harvested on our website.