A Fresh Approach: Dealing With a Midlife Crisis in a Healthy Way

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A Fresh Approach: Dealing With a Midlife Crisis in a Healthy Way

Growing older doesn’t have to mean compromising your happiness. If you’re middle-aged and feeling listless, rest assured there are plenty of ways to find inspiration and spark positivity – here are a few for you to consider.


Americans spend, on average, 35+ hours per week working. Needless to say, it’s important you earn doing something you enjoy or care about – for some, that might mean switching roles or founding a business entirely of their own.

  • Re-education: If you want to work in a field you love, you can improve your prospects by re-educating. Luckily, thanks to remote learning, it’s possible to fit studies around your full-time job or family obligations. Getting a bachelor’s degree in business, for example, is possible within the timeframe of 5 weeks, all completely online. Just be sure to check your chosen institute for credentials and tuition rates.
  • Transition: Actually applying and getting accepted for a job is a process within itself. Online tools can make this slightly easier – CV builders, for example, help you to showcase your experience in a professional-looking manner, allowing you to choose from a library of templates.
  • Entrepreneurship: If you already have skills and experience, it might be a good idea to start a business of your own. For this option, research is key – carry out some market research and begin thinking about your business structure. You could form a Limited Liability Company (LLC) to benefit from reduced personal liability, tax advantages, and less paperwork. Formation services can help you to navigate regional regulations and save on lawyer fees.

In our mid-lives, it’s common for hobbies and leisure to get pushed to the wayside, but it’s crucial, no more than ever, that we find the time to bring enjoyment and fulfillment back to our lives.

  • Arts & Creativity: If you’re creatively inclined, there is every chance that you won’t be happy unless you’re expressing yourself. Try to allocate a few hours in the week for exactly this purpose and protect an area of the house to enjoy your form.
  • Gardening: It may be something of a mid-life cliché, but gardening can provide multiple physical and mental benefits for those willing to get out and dirty in the yard. You may even be able to cultivate some fresh produce for use at dinnertime.
  • Reading: There are few more convenient ways to explore philosophies and spark inspiration than by reading. Despite the advent of streaming and mobile technology, high-quality literature is still being produced at a rapid rate – just check the latest bestsellers list.

As our bodies change, so does it become increasingly important to address health and wellness. This means working harder to ensure a balanced diet, a strict exercise regime, and a healthy sleep pattern.

  • Diet: Being conscious of your diet doesn’t mean you can’t still eat delicious food. Try to focus instead on variation, making sure you’re getting all the required nutrients throughout the day, especially fresh fruit and veg. You could even try one of our microgreen subscriptions featuring arugula, borage, and more.
  • Exercise: You might be tired after a long day, but it’s crucial that you maintain good momentum when it comes to exercise – a light jog or half an hour in the weight room will invariably help you to stay energetic, upbeat, and stress-free.

When it comes to a mid-life crisis, chances are that you already know all the right answers, it’s just about putting your thoughts into order and finding the willpower to act. Start with a few small adjustments, and you’ll be amazed by the difference.

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