Cornell’s Bush Delicata Winter Squash

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Cornell’s Bush Delicata

Certified Organic Seed (Cucurbita pepo)

Perfect for large containers and small spaces.

This unique squash is the product of a Cornell University breeding project lead by Molly Jahn and George Moriarty. Although the breeding of this variety was focused on agronomically important traits such as bush habit and powdery mildew resistance, Jahn talks about the breeding process as an art form. Thanks to Molly’s successor at Cornell, Michael Mazourek, we are returning this variety to its roots by propagating seeds from the original breeding project, continuing to select for prolific production and healthy plants.

This compact variety has all the perks of a great delicata: the first winter squash to ripen; sweet, firm flesh; and great flavor. Unlike other varieties, though, this one is compact enough to grow in a large container or smaller garden space. Plus, Molly bred Powdery Mildew Resistance into this variety too! Expect anywhere from 2-5 ripe fruits from each plant.